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Vass © 2015 by Cutter Hays


Vass is a trilogy series, This is the second series in the epic story, Vass the Defender, which follows A cast of characters in New York, 1969 as they all meet each other and begin the journey that will eventually define them and the universe. This first book was done as a graphic novel (a comic book), but following books will be done as illustrated novels (a prose book with illustrations). The first issue introduces the unique cast of eccentric characters and their lives before everything changed for themselves and their planet. The graphic novel is 50 pages, and the illustrated novels will be between 150-200 pages each. The illustrated novels will be much faster to do than the graphic novel was (this is a one man show pretty much), and will be affordable. And yes, for those of you who have asked, this is the story with The Snerm in it. :)

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Quilah Laoshu © 2015 by Cutter Hays

Quilah Laoshu

Three doomed souls from Earth are given a mission - possess the bodies of powerful angelic beings and go on a mission to save another species from their dark fate. It seemed simple enough, until one of the aliens, a human-sized mouse named Quilah, captured their hearts and rewrote the mission! The new mission was much harder. Save the species while protecting it from an evil returning enemy while learning to master their new powers, do all of it without being seen, and somehow protect the one mouse who can change everything - all while his own people want him dead. Quilah Laoshu is a large format (8.5x11) illustrated novel of souls evolving on a much grander scale than they were prepared for. It is written for adults and young adults.

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The Mouse Knight © 2006 by Cutter Hays

The Mouse Knight

A mouse born to be snake food, worth 99 cents and living in doomed poverty changes his fate when he discovers he can read. Over the pet store managers shoulder, the Arthurian Legends tell him of Knights and heroes and great deeds worthy of nobility and honor. When his turn comes to be food for the dragon, he decides to fight back - and changes the fate of all mousekind. This is the story of his holy quest - to find the one kind human that sees mice as people instead of vermin. He and his band of loyal companions set out from the city they have always known and into certain death - the Fields of Fate, where a tiny domestic mouse cannot survive a single hour, and monsters stand between him and his Holy Grail.

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Squibble's Story © 2005 by Cutter Hays

Squibble’s Story

The Sequel to The Mouse Knight. The Mouse Knight's faithful Squire writes this retelling of his life after choosing to become the Champion of all Mousekind, the Prophet and Hero he always wished to be, not realizing the terrible price that would be paid for the long road ahead. The book begins with Squibble as a child, dreaming and thinking like a child, wishing to be like his hero, the noble Mouse Knight. When offered the chance by the highest of powers, he leaps head first onto a path of fate that will test his resolve at every turn, cost him dearly, and temper him into something much more than just a mouse. His dreams become nightmares as he realizes what he agreed to, but by then it is far too late to turn back. The evolution of a hopeful, happy go-lucky youngster into what he must become is a story to make the legendary journey of his Master look easy by comparison. This story is second in the series of four books in the Mouse Knight series. Around 800 pages with over 200 illustrations.

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The Story of Gawain © 2005 by Cutter Hays

The Story of Gawain

A small mouse loses his family in a strange place—but that place happens to be directly in the path of Percival on his holy quest. A short story from the Mouse Knight series.

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Conversations with a Mouse © 2005 by Cutter Hays

Conversations with a Mouse

The final chapter in the Mouse Knight saga. It's going to require a talking mouse to bridge the gap between humanity and mouse kind and avert a massive racial war. Fortunately, Lord Squibble, the last of the original Mouse Knights, may find help from an old friend who made a promise before he died.

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